The Prodigal Artist, LLC

We’re a group of artists hoping to change the world via the beauty and functionality of our creations.

Why Choose Us?

The Prodigal Artist, LLC was started by a resident missionary whose desire is to use art as a means of funding missional work. As such, the business is composed of several artists, including young people. 

We make jewelry, apparel, home goods, etc. Our sublimated products are direct results of original mixed-media art. 

The missionary draws pieces using ink and watercolor markers predominantly. Other artists contribute via crafting, beadwork, sewing, and any other arena in which they are gifted. 

Many of us donate our time, skills, and finances to a local non-profit: The Hands & Feet of JESUS ( In fact, some of our art is available through their site and all profit from those products go directly to them and their mission to “Live the Label.” 

Check them out and join us in supporting them too!

In addition to what we handmade and sell on our site, we have partnered with Printful to offer you a wider array of designs and products. You can follow us on Facebook: @theprodigalartistllc. Plus, we are on TikTok: @theprodigalartist. There are lots of ways to stay engaged with us and the work we do. 😁❤️

In trying to count our many blessings the difficulty is not to find things to count, but to find time to enumerate them all.

AW Tozer

About Us

The Prodigal Artist


We work together to bring you unique goods and wearable products. Our pieces are handcrafted and as such will have some variations. We believe we’re all perfectly imperfect but that beauty is instilled in each of us. Our goal is to use our gifts to bring joy to all those who appreciate our creations.

Our Artists:

Sam- Head scarves.

Bre- Purses.

Julie- Crafty things.

Linda- Sewing.

Ginny- Drawing/Painting.

Hazel- Bracelets.

Our Business Managers:

Tracie- Logistics 

Katie- Marketing


You will find us at a variety of art & craft shows as well as local events. You can also get some of our products at Fringe Boutique in downtown.


Plant City, Florida