The Prodigal Artist

A woman on a mission to change lives one work of art at a time.

Why Choose Us?


I'm Ginny, The Prodigal Artist. You will find my art here. Since I often use recycled materials, you never know what I might be creating at any given time.

To say I work in one particular medium would box me in and that would kind of defeat my purpose here. So, I work with what I have to make beautiful things. Many times they are functional as well.

I also provide commissioned and service based work. My strength is my ability to draw which means I can pretty much do that on anything; and if I have the right materials, I can make it beautiful, whatever "it" is.

I look forward to sending you an original work of art in the near future. Of course, there will also be prints or stickers and things for those that maybe can't afford the originals but still appreciate the work I do.

My goal is to travel around making art and impacting the lives of people wherever I go.

If you have met me, personally, and are enquiring about speaking engagements, or want to commission a piece, please contact me at the email at the bottom of the page. Thank you!



The Prodigal Artist

I’m having to do a reset on this whole concept, so in order to get individual pieces uploaded, I would ask your patience.

If ever you have a question about one of my pieces or commissioned work, please email me! Thanks!